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Using Geographic Visualizations

Demo Instructions & Notes:
  1. We are looking at a map of Manhattan, New York. In this example, I created data based on a fictitious cab company that is tracking pickup locations and fares. Red circles represent fares below $25. Green circles represent fares above $25.
  2. Notice that there is a grouping of red ciricles towards the southwest of the map. Using this information, the cab driver can stay away from this area and focus on the northeast. For example, there could be a conference in the northwest that is causing a slew in people getting cabs for the airport.
  3. You can zoom in, zoom out, pan the map and even hover over the circles to retrieve the exact cab fare.

Concepts shown in demo:
Silveright integrates very well with other Microsoft technologies. The Microsoft vertical includes Bing Maps. You can integrate Bing Map geographic visualizations with your map data layers to enhance your business intelligence delivery.

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