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Improving Trend Analysis

Demo Instructions & Notes:
  1. In this demo, notice there are two seperate charts of three mutual funds. The timeframes are identical and the data used is the same.
  2. The chart on the left plots the points of the stock price from the data source. The chart on the right plots the percentage difference from the same stock price data source.
  3. If someone asked you, "Which fund is experiencing the most growth?", it might not be as clear from the left-hand chart. However, the right chart clearly shows which mutual fund is growing the fastest. The quicker your BI tools provide insight or answers, the better.

Concepts shown in demo:
Notice how much easier the trending information is to read on the right data visualization. The highs, lows and downward spikes are more pronounced on the right chart. Even though Silverlight can create pretty charts, it doesn't mean good business intelligence practices should not be used when trying to deliver faster insight in BI 2.0.

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