Who are you?

My name is Bart Czernicki. I have been a technologist all my life with over 14 years of experience in various Information Technology environments. I have been working with .NET 1.x since 2002 focusing on the full spectrum of the Microsoft stack. I am currently investing a lot of time mastering Silverlight, mobile development, ASP.NET MVC, Azure cloud, working with large data stores and business intelligence. I have been working with Silverlight since the 1.1 alpha days. I live in Mount Laurel, NJ (Philadelphia area).

How long have you been working with business intelligence?

I have been working with business intelligence software going on seven years. I have architected and designed more than a dozen enterprise-scale business intelligence solutions. Unlike most architects, I focus on all tiers of BI architecture including: MDM, data storage and retrieval, services architecture, simplifying the BI user experience and enterprise deployment.

What made you write a book combining Silverlight and BI?

I believe Microsoft has developed something special with Silverlight that is more than just a copy of Adobe Flash. Microsoft's services and software offerings are matched by no one in the enterprise industry. Being able to utilize enterprise-scale collaboration, cloud computing, Bing search, Bing maps, .NET development, data storage, data service, media, analytics, etc., offerings in a Silverlight application is truly powerful. In my opinion, this makes the marriage of Silverlight and business intelligence a no-brainer.

What makes this book unique?

There is no other book on the market that covers business intelligence for Rich Internet Applications (including Flash or Silverlight). This book includes a lot of theory and provokes ideas. Unlike some Silverlight books (which are dumps of MSDN documentation or show you how to draw a red square), this book focuses on the business aspect of Silverlight development.

Should I buy the Silverlight 3 or Silverlight 4 version of the book?

I would recommend buying the Silverlight 4 version. The book is more refined and includes 4 more chapters (over 140 pages of new content).

Why doesn't your book cover data retrieval and services?

This book is a marriage of two very large topics (Silverlight and business intelligence). It would not do the topic justice if I included a couple of chapters about Silverlight and BI services. There are entire 400-500 page books dedicated to the topic of Silverlight data retrieval. You can imagine that adding the complexity of BI services would make this a book in itself.

I don't know anything about Silverlight. Should I buy this book?

It depends :) This is NOT an intro to Silverlight book. The book includes a lot of theory about Silverlight and business intelligence from which a non-Silverlight developer can still benefit. Having said that, this is still a technology book with Silverlight code examples. I mitigate the need to know Silverlight development by providing live demonstrations of the code examples included in the book. This allows you to follow along without having to do the code examples explicitly.

I am a Silverlight developer but don't know business intelligence. Should I buy this book?

In my opinion, absolutely. In this book, I do cover business intelligence (and BI 2.0) from an introductory perspective. Business intelligence is one of the few software development paradigms that is experiencing HUGE growth. Knowing how to apply your development skills in the business intelligence world will be very important in the near future.

Do these concepts apply to WPF?

A great deal of the concepts in this book wil not only apply to Silveright but WPF as well. Silverlight contains a subset of the animation, XAML,binding and graphical capabilities that WPF has. Therefore, you should have no problem applying these concepts in WPF 3.x or 4.x versions.