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Welcome to the Silverlight Business Intelligence companion site for my “Silverlight Business Intelligence” book. This site is dedicated to showing you how Silverlight technology can be leveraged to deliver a next-generation business intelligence experience to both experienced analysts and average users.

When authoring a technical resource in book format, the material can dramatically change even in a manner of a few short months after going through the full publishing process. I decided to create this companion site to extend the information presented in the book. Even though my book is geared towards an advanced audience and skips the basics, all of the topics deserve additional information. As an author, I would be lying to you if I exhausted a certain topic in just one chapter.

Searching this companion site, you will find numerous internal and external resources that will amplify the information presented in the book’s chapters. The site includes a demo section where readers can find live running examples of the Silverlight code scenarios and examples. This allows non-Silverlight developers to understand the desired results of the coding scenarios. Furthermore, the book resource section includes additional links to articles and books that include much more info on particular topics. The Visual Studio source code can also be downloaded for the particular Silverlight coding scenarios. Lastly, I included a blog that is dedicated to Silverlight Business Intelligence. On this blog, you will find “mini chapters” that did not make the book’s cut or topics that don’t deserve a full chapter.

The goal of this companion site is to inform the readers who invested in this resource how BI and Silverlight are evolving. My ambition is to keep this site vibrant with relevant and updated content. If there are topics you would like to see or things I could do better, please let me know.

Bart Czernicki.

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